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Coombeswood Wedge consists of over 100 acres of land upon part of which stood the Coombeswood tube works. It is located to the side of Mucklow Hill in Halesowen, West Midlands. Within the boundaries of this land are a number of areas of scientific interest as well as habitats which support a number of red status listed butterflies, moths and birds.

The area is also known to have visiting foxes and badgers, and supports a healthy population of smaller mammals such as bank and field vole amongst others. Many of the hedgerows and large areas of woodland date back to ancient times and the footpath leading down from the farm is purported to be in the region of 1000 years old,  an ancient drovers route through from Wales.
 The hedgerow network also provides an important link between wooded areas, supporting the diversity of the area.             
The historic Monarchs way footpath winds its way through part of Coombeswood as does Dudley No2 canal whilst the hillside presents a view across a moment in time reaching back into time as the ancient remnants of the past hold their own against the onslaught of modern construction.
 Up until recently Pottery farm at the summit of Mucklow Hillwas one of the last few working upland hill farms in the area and on the opposite side of the site sits the Dudley no2 canal which in bygone days was home to the working tugs and barges of Stewart and Lloyds, Coombs Wood Tube Works.   In terms of recent history, the site has undergone a massive transformation from heavy industry back to natural haven, offering a unique mix of old and modern in a beautifully peaceful natural environment. Looking across from Coombeswood Wedge the imposing Forge still offers a poignant reminder of our great industrial heritage as it dominates the view across to Halesowen. Coombeswood , the green backdrop of Clent, wraps around the mix of ancient and modern architecture of  the town centre.

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(Superb publications from Coombeswood Canal Trust offering an insite into Coombeswood, its history and unique features)

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