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Helen Edwards - Warden - Coombeswood Local Nature Reserve

The Coombeswood Local Nature Reserve (LNR) is a section of the Coombeswood green wedge which will be managed by Dudley Council as a nature reserve. The land was leased to the council as compensation for relocating Coombeswood Cricket Club onto the green wedge by the site owners St Modwen. The new site occupies the strip of land which runs behind the business units and Post Office depot, and is currently fenced off with security fencing. 

The nature reserve consists of a wonderful mix of birch oak woodland, acid grassland and scrub and is a haven for birds and insects including the rare small heath and green hairstreak butterflies.



As it has been fenced of for so long it has become a haven for wildlife and the ground is quite undisturbed so some very interesting ground flora, mosses and lichens exits and require further investigation.  The site will be managed by the wardens service based at The Leasowes, just over the other side of Mucklow Hill, and a new post of Coombeswood warden has been created, so there is a dedicated part time warden for the site.

Which is me, my name is Helen Edwards, and I have worked as a warden at The Leasowes for nearly 10 years and I have a real passion for wildlife and conservation. I am very excited to be looking after the Coombeswood LNR, It is an amazing site and we here at The Leasowes hope to be able to enhance the reserve and increase its wildlife value.






The new nature reserve can now be protected and enhanced to benefit the wildlife on the   site and the surrounding green wedge. It is also designated as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) for its geology; it contains ancient sandstone exposures showing evidence of river systems and plant fossils.



We are very excited to be able to manage this fascinating site, but do need lots of help too. If you are interested in volunteering to help us carry out practical work on site or to help us with wildlife surveys,  please call me on 01384 814642.

 Helen Edwards, Warden - Coombeswood Nature Reserve 








As we move forward we will be looking for people who enjoy being outdoors to come and spend a little time with us. 
 By joining one of our working parties you will not only be treated to time spent in a wonderful natural environment,
but contributing to the renovation and ongoing management of Coombeswood Wedge.

It is also a great opportunity to make new friends.




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