Future Plans for Coombeswood Wedge

Friends of Coombeswood Wedge are in the process of becoming registered as a charity group.

We took this route because we genuinely believe that Coombeswood is worthy of protection and

 as a registered charity we have aims and objectives geared toward this and other key aims.

In order to meet these aims we will be looking to raise funds.


                 Amongst the projects identified so far we have a mixture of activities, some of which are free and just   

require some dedication from working parties and individuals using Coombeswood Wedge.

Other projects are a lot more involved but include;

The Air Raid Shelter Renovation Project

The air raid shelters were discovered recently and a couple of the friends carried out an inspection underground, finding them to be in solid condition for their age, albeit a little grafittied. A similar shelter project elsewhere in the UK resulted in a supurb historic restoration that has proved invaluable when teaching local schools and groups about the history of the area, and of life on the homefront during World War 2. Health & Safety worries are currently leading the council to consider filling in the shelters.

We feel that this would be a terrible shame, and would love to be able to mimic the success of other known restorations and utilise the shelter as part of the coombeswood project.

      The Agricultural Land Purchase Project 

We may have an opportunity to purchase the last remaining 26+ acres of land which forms Coombeswood Wedge and was up until recently, one of the last remaining working hill farms for miles around. This will be a key project for Friends of Coombeswood but will of course require a large amount of funding.

 If you can help at all with either fundraising, land purchase advice/support or by making a donation, we would love to hear from you.


We will be adding full details of the project shortly  


 The Viewpoint Projects

 Planting & ongoing management of the Wedge

As a group we will also be working closely with Dudley council in order to improve Footpaths and rights of way so that access to various parts of the site can be improved.

 Surveys and monitoring of the biodiversity of will be another area and results will lead us onto further projects to improve and protect the habitat and attract wildlife 


This land provides a buffer to the sprawling conurbation just above and forms part of a great green corrior running across to and beyond the abbeylands. We want to ensure that the coombeswood link in this important corridor for wildlife and biodiversity remains in its unspoilt natural state.

Along with path clearance projects, litter prevention programmes we will be looking at the pheasibility of other projects also. Including, the possibility of the restoration of the ancient fishpool. Much more information will be added as we have it







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