Spring and Summer 2015

Coombeswood Wedge springs back into life as new shoots appear and our summer visitors start to arrive. Already we are seeing large groups of migratory birds arriving or passing through the wedge on the way to their summer homes.


     Coombeswood wedge has been giving nature a home for many years and this year so far is no exception. Our resident buzzards perform their sky high aerobatics whilst tiny seedlings and more established plant life attracts a host of species.


Coombeswood Canal Trust Open weekend 9th & 10th May 2015.                   


  Our stall at the open weekend proved popular with lots of people interested in knowing more about the treasure that is Coombeswood. 

  Chairman Sue with friends  from the Black Country Working Horse Assoc.


 The canal trust weekend also provided us with a great opportunity to show off our newly acquired polo shirts. these were supplied locally by ACE EMBROIDERY of Malt Mill Lane, Halesowen.

                                We would like to thank all who supported us at the event.

        Some of the improvements undertaken recently by our intrepid group of volunteers.

More pics to follow;

Coppicing to improve habitat.

Clearance of pathways

Litter picking

Replacing the steps down to the canal

Health and Safety - Securing the entrances to the air raid shelters in order to preserve them          as well as helping to avoid any nasty accidents.


Friends of Coombeswood Wedge get community forum cash windfall

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  Litterpicks are a great way of helping Coombeswood wedge.  All are welcome on our litterpick events but dont forget, you can make a difference just by picking up any bits of litter you see whilst out walking on the wedge.  Every little helps !